Festival In Fire Season
ISBN 0-9635967-6-4
$11..95 trade paperback
239 pages

Danger fills the air in a North Carolina beach town as its annual Azalea Festival coincides with the approach of raging wildfires. In the midst of the crisis, the lives of three strangers touch and entwine. But only two of them will survive.

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From the reviews of Festival In Fire Season

“Bache’s characters are finely drawn. Her sense of timing and skill at building suspense are right on the money. And her richly detailed fire scenes are nothing short of breathtaking.”
–Charlotte Observer

“Love, rebellion and tragedy collide in this tale of intertwining lives in a small North Carolina beach town….Bache’s ability to evoke a particular time and place is remarkable.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“The odors of floral perfume and smoke nearly rise from the pages. Racial tension and sexual tension build as the wildfires grow … and the stress builds as the heat and soot cover her setting.”
–The Sunday Oklahoman

“Bache writes gutsy. As in her first novel Safe Passage, she frills her current work with what she knows…Bache captures the heart with characters so real that it is possible to catch a whiff of cologne, a sweaty shoe, or the scorch from the flames that eventually touch all lives.”
–Greensboro News & Record

“As you read, you might find yourself almost in need of medical attention for smoke inhalation. The author is also skilled at creating other fires – passions inside the vivid townsfolk.”
–Indianapolis News

“Fast-paced… compelling stories of three citizens whose lives encompass racial and class conflicts….These smoldering, intertwining narratives will climax in a forest fire that threatens the town.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Ellyn Bache knows coastal North Carolina, and she conveys place and people well. Her story has imagination and momentum, but her fire imagery burns so hot that it singes the pages.”
–Roanoke Times & World News

“An explosive novel that holds the reader’s attention …. A startlingly realistic depiction of a southern, coastal community.”
–Encore Magazine

“What is it about Southern writers that gives them an edge over everyone else? The pleasure of reading Ellyn Bache is in her usage of language and her ability to draw out each voice. Her environmental scenes are knockouts.”
–Tulsa World


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