Daddy and the Pink Flash
ISBN 1-889199-11-7
$14.95 hardcover
32 pages of four-color illustrations
This beautifully illustrated picture book is at once a shower gift for families of baby girls, a read-aloud tale for girls who enjoy hearing about adventures they had as babies, and a reassuring story for children who may never have known a grandparent but can enjoy the loving family rituals that person left behind.

It opens with Granddaddy Terry as a nervous first-time father, overly-worried about his baby daughter until his mother advises him to “Enjoy her. Have fun!” So, dubbing his daughter the “Pink Flash” (no doubt because of all the pink clothes she’s been given), he lifts her into the air, flies her around the room, and begins to teach her how much fun the world can be, and what a wonderful part of it she is.

A generation later, Granddaddy Terry is gone, but the Pink Flash becomes a joyful family tradition when his first granddaughter is born, and her own father lifts her into the air for flying lessons. Although the baby will never know her grandfather in person, she will always have his loving legacy of the Pink Flash.

Illustrated and designed by award-winning artist Carol Tornatore, the drawings look like lovingly-wrought daddy-and-daughter paintings but are actually the result of cutting-edge digital technology that combines photos with original art. Tornatore, a seven-time winner of the Chicago Book Clinic’s Honor Book Award of Excellence and many other awards, has been designing books for over 20 years, with projects ranging from art books to children’s stories.

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Praise for Daddy and the Pink Flash:

“I have given this book to a couple of friends with baby girls, and they absolutely love it! One of my friends said that it is exactly like her husband and baby girl – they call her Super Baby. I think you’ve got a hit!”
— Kristi Markowicz, Aiea, Hawaii

“A little scared and insecure at first, Terry is soon swooping his baby the air as the Pink Flash, the bravest, smartest girl in the whole world. . . . Already becoming a local best-seller, lots of people seem to be buying it as a shower present for soon-to-be dads [or] little girls, who like to recall when their daddies flew them around.”
— Wilmington (NC) Star-News


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