Culture Clash
ISBN 0-9635967-0-5
$11.95 trade paperback
131 pages

In 1975, the Baches sponsored a Vietnamese refugee family. This is Ellyn's journal about their experience.

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From the reviews of Culture Clash

"…a thoroughly honest account of a family's sponsorship of a Vietnamese couple."
–Washington Post

"In 1975, after the fall of Saigon, more than 100,000 South Vietnamese fled to the United States. Once here, they were assigned sponsors and scattered throughout the country, as though letting them settle together would create too pointed a reminder of the war. Culture Clash is the account of one family's experience first as sponsors as family as friends of a refugee family.

"The book tells how the Vietnamese family – husband and wife Quang and Kim and Kim's younger sisters Minh and Lan – came to understand American culture, particularly the work ethic. It also portrays the conflict between the need to develop self-reliance among the refugees and the impulse to provide total support for them . . . . In the end, the 'less generous' approach also seems to be the less painful."
–The Wall Street Journal

"I defy anyone who reads this book to say America doesn't have a culture! The book reads like a novel with just enough humor, tragedy and joy to make reading it pleasurable rather than academic."
–N. Gail Magee, Center for Applied Linguistics

"Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what it is like to start life anew in an alien land."
–Educational Book Review


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